The character and appearance are the core and pride of each golf club. It is that character that, together with the social atmosphere, binds members, brings in outside players and connects business partners.

I believe that every golf course should be beautifully displayed. 

Peter van Weel

Meet Peter van Weel: Mastering Golf and Photography

Unveiling Peter van Weel's Journey: Golf and Photography Mastery

For more than three decades, Peter van Weel has been seamlessly blending his passion for both golf and photography, creating a legacy that culminated in the establishment of Hole 18 in 2020. As a former 0-handicap (scratch) player, Peter's love for the game has taken him to beautiful golf courses worldwide, bringing pride and joy to his golfing journey.

Peter van Weel's Mission: Elevating Your Golf Club's Image

At the heart of Peter's mission is the desire to showcase your golf club in a way that perfectly aligns with its atmosphere, culture, character, and mission & vision. Beyond the greens, Peter captures the unique charm of other club facilities, including restaurants, golf pros, and practice areas.

Expertise Unleashed: Player, Detail-Oriented, Photographer

Peter's unique combination of being a skilled player, his keen eye for detail, and his mastery of photography ensures that his golf course photos transcend the ordinary. Each photograph becomes a work of art, skillfully highlighting the dynamic elements of a golf course: the sport itself, the beauty of nature, and the architectural brilliance.

Discover the magic of Hole 18 through Peter van Weel's lens - where golf and photography converge to elevate the image of your golf club. Explore the beauty, precision, and passion that define every photograph captured by Peter, showcasing the true essence of the sport, nature, and architecture.

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Unveiling the Impact: Why Exceptional Golf Course Photography Matters

When it comes to your golf club's online presence, the significance of high-quality course photography cannot be overstated. Hole 18 Golf Course Photography understands that the first impression is crucial, especially when it comes to attracting members, sponsors, and even the dedicated greenkeepers.

1. First Impressions Count:

Members, sponsors, and greenkeepers often encounter your golf course through its digital representation—your website, social media, or other online platforms. Hole 18's captivating photography ensures that the first impression is not just good but outstanding.

2. A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words:

In a world inundated with information, a photograph becomes a powerful storyteller. Hole 18's expertly captured images go beyond words, conveying the essence and allure of your golf course effortlessly.

3. Showcasing Beauty for a Reason:

The beauty of your golf course is more than aesthetic; it's the very reason people are drawn to it. Hole 18 understands that showcasing this beauty through stunning photography is not just about visuals; it's about inviting individuals to experience the captivating landscapes and unique charm of your course.

Invest in Excellence with Hole 18:

With Hole 18 Golf Course Photography, your golf club's image is carefully curated to highlight its most beautiful aspects. Let your course shine online, attracting individuals who are captivated by the visual appeal and natural splendor that only professional photography can capture. Elevate your golf club's image with Hole 18 and make that unforgettable first impression today.

Why choose

Hole 18 golf course photography?

  • Hole 18 distinguishes itself by taking true-to-life photos from the golfer's perspective.
  • My broad knowledge and long experience of golf and photography are the basis for professional photos.
  • A systematic approach from preparation to implementation.
  • The material that I deliver can also easily be integrated on your website or used for social media.